New Report: The Increasing Needs of HPC in Colocation Facilities
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New Report: The Increasing Needs of HPC in Colocation Facilities

By NGD 01 | March | 2017

NGD and Schneider commission Quocirca research into the highly specialised data centre requirements of modern HPC environments

Organisations with true High Performance (HPC) needs can find public cloud ill-suited to delivering the right platform. Not only this, they often struggle to find colocation providers who can meet their specific needs for powering and cooling such highly-dense and complex platforms.

However, the answer is not to design and build a highly expensive owned data centre that will age rapidly and fail to be fit for purpose. At the same time there are few colocation providers in the market who specialise in HPC – who not only understand the specialised needs for HPC, but will also work with your organisation to ensure that the platform and facility are well matched and managed.

To help you decide and prioritise the most important factors when choosing a colocation facility capable of meeting the rigorous demands of HPC environments, NGD and Schneider have commissioned leading independent market analyst firm, Quocirca.

“The Increasing Needs of HPC in Colocation Facilities” provides the critical insight you need for ensuring your colocation data centre’s infrastructure matches up.

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