NGD: When the Goin Gets Tough - UK Cybe Crimes

When the going gets tough...

By Steve Davis 28 | September | 2015

An investigation by The Times has uncovered fewer than 1 in 100 cyber crimes reported in the UK are pursued by the police.  

Cyber criminals must think they have a mandate to do what they like when they like. Who says crime doesn’t pay! In the last year 3.2M cyber related cases have been reported but apparently only one in 500 actually result in a conviction.

This probably explains why the majority of cyber frauds and online crimes go unreported.  Around 85 percent according to a University of Kent report published earlier this year, so we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. And what we can actually see isn’t particularly pretty.

On the business front, it really is time for companies to get tough and take a more robust and vigilant approach to avoid being soft touches on data security and such easy prey to cyber criminals. There are more reports than you can shake a stick at suggesting companies of all sizes aren’t prepared or doing enough to combat and prevent cyber intrusion. Of those businesses that do care to admit to cyber security breaches, a recent report has found 90 percent of large companies and 74 percent of smaller ones being affected by a data security breach of some kind or other in the past year.

No wonder the Government is using its Cyber Essentials scheme to once again call for businesses to take preventative action and invest more in online security provisions. This initiative must be applauded but it should not encourage firms to ‘leave the door open’ by overlooking the physical security considerations. Unfortunately this is far easier said than done since there’s a lot more to making premises and the data contained inside them as safe and secure as possible.

The problem for the majority of businesses owners and managers is they simply don’t have the time or resources available to be data security ‘vigilantes’ policing their premises, visitors, staff, and IT systems 24/7/365. After all, they still have their day jobs to do.

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