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The Cloud and Insecure - UNIT4

By David McAughtrie 30 | April | 2014

Read below our guest blog by NGD customer UNIT4 about the myths in the cloud.

The cloud is insecure

Cloud computing has been the subject of more interest and comment than almost any ICT phenomena in recent years.

How the cloud works, the benefits it brings, the risks it exposes you to; each has generated prejudices and half-truths, many of them completely unfounded. In our new blog series we will debunk the most common myths, dispel the prejudices and bring the facts to light.

Myth number 1: The cloud is insecure.

Concerns about the security of data have been around since the cloud’s inception and persist today. Fears around data loss or data manipulation are preventing many organisations from embracing the functional and operational benefits that cloud ERP can unlock.

Business managers often justify their hesitation with the argument that their organisation could put highly sensitive data at risk. But the fact is that a whole range of security measures have been established that make the cloud as secure as running your own IT infrastructure. Experience also shows that the cloud is often safer than it is in an institution’s own data centre.

Vendors offering their software via the cloud are subject to the highest industry standards in terms of IT security. It is crucial to ensure your provider has achieved certifications such as ISO 27001 or SSAE 16, the proof that the cloud computing provider complies with all legal and technical security and compliance requirements.

Despite hesitation linked to security concerns, a 2013 PAC report found that more than 70% of organisations which use cloud services are convinced that the cloud model will prevail in the long term.
This growing confidence in cloud security was underlined by KPMG cloud expert Greg Bell who, in his firm’s The Cloud Takes Shape research in 2013, said: “Functions that – until just recently – were considered too sensitive or complex for cloud are now being put on the table. That’s a sure sign that executives are becoming more confident in their cloud providers’ security regime.”

Safety concerns should weaken considerably when solutions are supplied in a data centre which is certified according to the EU directives. This is demonstrated by the fact that just CRM-only systems via the cloud are very popular. This trend is hardly likely to emerge is cloud-hosted customer data could not be adequately protected.

At UNIT4 we know all corporate information is sensitive. As a certified service provider we offer a range of options that, with the help of the hybrid model, are safe and effective to use cloud. Each client is isolated from the others and remains invisible to them. Data sets are kept completely separate from those of other organisations, and they are not mixed with the information of other customers. You know exactly where your business data are stored and are physically located.

In addition, reputable suppliers provide high levels of support with defined SLAs, efficient monitoring with immediate notification of disturbances or changes, migration support and regular reports and analysis.

If all these criteria are met, cloud deployed ERP solutions offer crucial benefits that cannot be dismissed out of hand. Vendors must treat data security extremely seriously and address customers’ concerns. If we manage to convince people with powerful arguments in terms of safety, cloud-based ERP solutions will be an accepted standard.

To find out more about UNIT4′s hybrid cloud model visit the cloud section of the website.