The case for Colocation and future safety of your firm’s IT
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The case for Colo and future safety of your firm’s IT…

By NGD 27 | April | 2020

The case for Colocation and future safety of your firm’s IT.

Right now, probably more than ever before, businesses are counting on their IT systems being accessible to staff remotely, and continuously available. No doubt certain essential applications have to remain on servers located on the office premises, so thank goodness for the IT guys. Even if they’re not able to be on-site as much as usual, it’s always reassuring to know they will be monitoring and providing diagnostics remotely to keep the lights on.

But what if there’s a prolonged power outage, fire, flood, break-in, or cyber attack?     

Anyone of these would seriously impact on business continuity despite the possibility of using public cloud-based services for access to certain non-core applications. So, fingers crossed none of these incidents come to pass - especially in the midst of the current crisis when there’s so much else to deal with.

But when you and your colleagues can finally get back into the office, it could be timely to have a hard look at whether or not all your servers and critical infrastructure are well out of harm’s way; be they located in basements, cupboards, under desks...wherever. 

You may well have been thinking for some while about doing something to improve your firm’s IT set up. Leaving that server rack running unattended overnight may have been a growing source of worry. Come to think of it, that basement has always been a potential fire hazard and possibly at risk to flooding – not the ideal location for servers.

There again, if you do have somewhere in mind that could be safer and less risky, can you really afford the downtime and disruption involved while you reorganise and make the necessary preparations? What if the servers get damaged when relocating them or the system fails to reconfigure correctly?

Faced with all of the above, it would be easy to put all these thoughts and good intentions on hold for a little while longer – maybe wait until next year when things have hopefully settled down and the world has returned to some semblance of normality. After all, should you really be worrying unduly about possible and potential IT problems when you really need to be focusing on running the business?  Here’s the problem: No IT means no business. IT disasters show no compassion, they can and do happen when you’re least expecting them.  

To avoid all of this uncertainty and to mitigate risk, why not take some time out now and check into alternative solutions? Scoping out a business case for a Colocation approach for example, could be time well spent. This is where you locate your IT off-premise at a modern, secure colocation data centre and rely on their critical infrastructure.

Take Five: The lowdown on going Colo:

  • Colocation is now much more affordable and accessible to smaller businesses as well as larger ones

  • Some or all of your business servers and mission-critical IT can be hosted on a managed or self-managed basis. You don’t lose any control over your systems or ownership of data, but you get rid of the headache that comes with on-premise IT

  • A fresh start in a colocation data centre with plenty of high-speed low latency connectivity offers the opportunity to implement private Cloud solutions or even hybrid ones where you can mix and match the best attributes of public and private environments together   

  • A few providers such as NGD will even provide end to end professional relocation services whereby servers are de-installed at the customers’ premises, transported, reconfigured and tested in the new colocation data centre before handing back control

  • Modern IT monitoring and management software means you and your staff won’t notice any difference – other than more room and less clutter in your offices and data that is secure and continuously available.  

Hopefully, that was five minutes well spent. Sound interesting? Talk to us about our colocation data centre services.