Next Generation Data: Standing Proud in the Cloud

Standing Proud in the Cloud

By Nick Razey 08 | September | 2015

NGD’s Steve Davis considers how to avoid data centre and cloud downtime 

NGD been providing exemplary services to customers since opening Europe’s largest colocation data centre in south Wales nearly six years ago. We believe it is essential for service providers and users to be maximising their ‘cloud cover’ by regularly examining what’s behind their cloud.  This means understanding who owns the data centre(s), where they are located, which applications they’re hosting and what their operational and management procedures are for ensuring high availability.

So, for peace of mind and to mitigate risk from damaging downtime including the type of high profile incidents as recently reported in the press, here are a few searching questions to be asking your data centre operators and cloud providers:

Resilience and Disaster Recovery:

Are sufficient back-up systems and fail-safe measures in place? ‘Tier 3’ category data centres should be used as a minimum

Network quality and redundancy:

High levels of Network redundancy and best practice procedures are critical to high availability. Is there fully diverse routing both within the data centre as well as externally?

Are there rigid procedures in place for backups and duplication which also extend to router configuration, upgrades, changes and procedures, including the ability to back out of or recover from any potentially service affecting change?


How well equipped are they for powering the latest high density racks required for cloud hosting? These can need 10KW, 20KW, 60KW or more per rack. Ideally, the mains supply should come directly from the national grid which ensures reliable delivery and dramatically reduces outages caused by spikes and surges

Engineering support:

What quality and level of support does the data centre operator provide for server installation, configuration and capacity planning, and performing such tasks as power cycling, visual inspections and cable replacements?

Access to data:

Check there’s a legal agreement in place should your cloud provider or their data centre partner go into administration. An escrow agreement will ensure you have legal access to retrieving your data

Location and Security:

For mitigating risks of downtime from natural disasters or terrorism, are they are located well away from flood plains, large urban areas, flight paths

Learn more about NGD’s world class data centre facility and how it will ensure your cloud always has a silver lining.