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No sweat about cooling

By NGD 22 | July | 2020

Cooling is a top priority any time of year. It’s critical to data centre resilience, not to mention energy cost optimisation.

Cooling now matters more than ever, despite latest generation servers being increasingly capable of operating at higher temperatures. Why? We’re now seeing many IT projects and applications consuming greater power per unit area than ever before.

In fact some racks are now pulling 60 kWs or more and this trend will only continue with the growing demand for high-performance computing (HPC) as well as GPUs / IPUs for supporting new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

If you’re already using a colocation data centre - or thinking about doing so - here’s what you should know on the cooling front:

  • Having super-efficient cooling and energy management systems in place is a must. For cooling there are various options for a data centre, using, for example, the very latest predictive systems and utilising nano-cooling technologies. These may only be viable for new purpose designed data centres rather than as retrofits in older ones

  • Harnessing climatically cooler locations which favour direct-air and evaporative techniques is a logical step – that’s always assuming such locations are viable when it comes to the accessibility, cost, security, power and connectivity considerations

  • HPC environments require highly targeted cooling: Simple computer room air conditioning (CRAC) or free air cooling systems (such as swamp or adiabatic coolers) won’t cut it. And hot and cold aisle cooling systems are typically inadequate for addressing the heat created

  • Larger HPC environments require specialised and often custom built cooling systems and procedures. The cooling required demands bespoke build and engineering skills as many colos are standardised/productised; so unused to deploying the specialist technologies required.

  • There are very few HPC specialist colocation providers in the UK and many parts of Europe -  NGD is one of the few   

We’ll keep you cool, whatever your IT needs:

NGD’s abundant power and significant ongoing investment in state of the art cooling and energy management technology ensures our hyperscale data centre in South Wales continues to meet and future-proof highly varied customer requirements. Here’s why:

  • Standard 4kW rack solutions up to 60kW per rack and beyond are supported - with resilience at a minimum of N+20%
  • We continuously evaluate the very latest cooling technologies and our long-term cooling solutions partners, Stulz GE and Vertiv, are the best in the business
  • Where required, for specialist HPC and other high density environments, NGD provides dedicated cooling solutions

It’s totally cool. NGD has got your current and future IT cooling requirements completely covered – for Colocation, Cloud Hosting and HPC.