NGD Showcases World Class Local Datacentre to Wales Businesses

NGD Showcases World Class Local Datacentre to Wales Businesses

By Steve Davis 09 | June | 2014

Sir Terry Matthews’ AirVM announces move to NGD’s Newport data centre

Newport, South Wales, June 9 2014 – Newport’s NGD (Next Generation Data) will be at Digital Wales 2014 June 9 – 10, Celtic Manor, to showcase our world class, high security datacentre to local businesses and public sector organisations.

Increasingly, smaller and growing local area businesses are using the centre to store and process their own mission critical data rather than risk keeping it at their own premises, or perhaps as a base to operate or offer their own cloud-based services.

AirVM, for example, have announced today their selection of NGD’s Newport, South Wales data centre to host cloud on- demand software services for customers based in the UK and Europe.

Sir Terry Matthews, Chairman of AirVM and who is speaking at Digital Wales 2014 said: “NGD has a world class data centre in South Wales which provides a secure and flexible environment to support the growth of the AirVM business. The partnership represents an ambitious cloud project which will contribute significantly to the transformation of the region into a dynamic technology hub.”

Newport’s Certus Technology Group are already thriving in the data centre by using it as a low cost base for offering their own data storage and cloud computing services to customers, many of which are based throughout the UK and internationally.

“Digital Wales 2014 is an ideal opportunity for us as we are actively looking to attract more Wales-based businesses into our facility, helping them address and profit from nationwide and global market opportunities by accessing our affordable, secure and leading edge data centre services,” said NGD’s CEO, Nick Razey.

At 750,000 sq ft NGD Europe – conveniently located near J28 of the M4 – is one of the largest datacentres on the planet. Since its opening four and half years ago it has become a home from home for the cloud and data hosting services offered by various multinational IT organisations including BT, GGI, IBM, Wipro, and UNIT4.

It is perhaps the centre’s world class security and high speed data links combined with huge scalability, abundant power and much lower rents (compared to London area data centres) that help NGD stand out from the competition and therefore enable customers to compete more effectively.

All of these, large and small, are taking advantage of NGD’s fast (millisecond) nationwide and international network communications links to ensure their businesses are closer to the action when it counts – literally anywhere in the world.

As Rhodri Morgan, former First Minister, said at the initial announcement of the NGD Europe project in 2008, “Data centres are the motorways of the 21st century. They encourage economic development in the same way that motorways did in the 20th century and the railways in the19th century – they are an absolutely critical tool for economic growth.”