NGD puts the ‘DC’ into Washington , NGD

NGD puts the ‘DC’ into Washington

By NGD 28 | July | 2017

NGD receives warm reception at Microsoft Partners conference

NGD experienced a high level of interest at the recent Microsoft Inspire conference in Washington DC, the largest Microsoft Partners event of the year.

Creating a particular buzz were NGD’s world-class data centre services for supporting private cloud and legacy IT infrastructure and its direct connection to the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute hyperscale cloud network.  Using NGD Cloud Gateway this allows customers to seamlessly connect to Azure public cloud services, and/or Azure private cloud environments.

The latter is enabled by Microsoft’s new Azure Stack technology which was officially announced by the company during the conference, so it was very timely for NGD to be able to demonstrate how it can help deliver the best of both worlds when it comes to hosting public and private cloud solutions.

Due out in September, Microsoft Azure Stack comprises Microsoft’s vNext technology ‘stack’, Window Server 2016, Hyper-V and Microsoft networking and storage and will run on Dell, HPE and Lenovo certified hardware.

One of the major benefits of Microsoft Azure Stack is that it offers the functionality, scalability and familiar look and feel of the Azure public platform, but operates from within the walls of a private data centre such as NGD.

Such a powerful combination will be very attractive to the many organisations requiring the flexibility, cost savings and elasticity of Azure, while still retaining control of sensitive applications and maintaining compliance. NGD’s Cloud Gateway service will deliver them secure, private, layer 2 circuits into ExpressRoute for Azure public, Azure private and Microsoft peering services. Circuits from 100Mb to 10Gb can be provided for ensuring low latency and consistent network performance.

Furthermore, to help Partners’ customers experience private and hybrid cloud integrated solutions working in real world environments NGD has launched NGD Hybrid Cloud. This is a demonstration area where Microsoft Partners can set up previews of Azure Stack and Azure working seamlessly together over the NGD Cloud Gateway service.