NGD Newsletter with Gartner Research: A Note From Nick Razey, CEO

NGD Newsletter with Gartner Research: One Year on From Hurricane Sandy, What Have We Learned?

By Nick Razey 20 | November | 2013

A Note From Nick Razey, CEO

How safe is your Data Centre? In this, our second newsletter, NGD will look at environmental risk and the impact that Hurricane Sandy had on the New York data centre industry.

New York, like London, is home to a dense concentration of data centres and not all of them weathered the storm without experiencing significant downtime. The lessons learned from Sandy form the basis of a Gartner research paper analysing how the storm impacted business operations, and in particular how electrical infrastructure was the Achilles heel of many organizations. NGD’s sister article looks at the BCM lessons put forth by Gartner, how they specifically apply to the data centre industry, and why the industry experience gained from this disaster has strengthened NGD’s conviction that mission critical facilities should not be located within an urban environment.

We hope that you find both the Gartner research paper and NGD’s article informative and educational.

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