NGD Hybrid Cloud , NGD


Hybrid Cloud implementations are rapidly becoming the norm in the industry and are set to become the standard computing model utilised by Enterprises.

As CIOs and IT managers recognise the benefits of adopting Hybrid Cloud technology and start to migrate to it they realise that there are many different formats that can be adopted. It’s the start of a journey and you need the right partners to help you.

When do you start the journey?

The life cycle of applications as well as the upgrading of hardware has a direct bearing on how and when enterprises move to cloud based solutions. This is driven by vendors and regulatory factors as much as internal considerations.

One thing is certain: Your requirements will change during the process which makes it very important to choose a Data Centre partner of sufficient size and scale to support your Hybrid Cloud transition & growth. Not only does NGD offer this flexibility, using our Cloud Gateway platform we are able to provide the best connectivity solution in the market, ensuring private and public clouds as well as legacy IT connect seamlessly.

How do you reduce your costs?

The economies of scale and business case that justified having your own data centre in the past just won’t apply in the new world of Hybrid Cloud. As a result the financial landscape of supporting an onsite data centre should be heavily scrutinised.

The good news is the critical mass of running ‘on premise’ IT infrastructure reduces as applications, workloads and services are moved into the Public Cloud. At the same time cost savings can be realised.

Are those expensive upgrades to air conditioning or security systems still justifiable?

Can the physical real estate be re-utilised for a better purpose?

Connectivity considerations

Connectivity is critical between Private and Public Clouds as well as Legacy IT. Using NGD’s Cloud Gateway we can provision fast, highly secure and dedicated connections to Microsoft Azure. This service allows you to expand connections between the two environments very quickly so you can test how applications and workloads work best. Built with no single point of failure and with total control it delivers highly secure connections up to 10Gb.

Build your Cloud at NGD

As the largest Tier 3+ data centre in Europe, NGD provides unsurpassed economies of scale to ensure you have the most secure and cost-effective environment for supporting your Private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure needs.

With near limitless power available, our highly flexible solutions deliver a seamless migration to the Cloud and help you grow.