NGD's CEO Nick Razey Featured on BBC Radio ‘Wales at Work”

NGD Feature on BBC Radio ‘Wales at Work”

By Steve Davis 25 | November | 2016

NGD’s CEO Nick Razey was featured on BBC radio this week talking about data centres and the explosion in Cloud Computing. He explained the critical part data centres like NGD play in our fast-paced, data centric world.

BBC Wales ‘Wales at Work” was particularly interested in discussing Cloud Computing and where all the data created ultimately gets stored and processed. Nick explained how the Cloud is dependent on major data centre facilities and how NGD, as one of the world’s largest facilities,  has succeeded in becoming home to some of the world’s largest cloud providers, not to mention enterprise and systems integrator organisations.

Nick told the BBC how the data centre industry is growing in order to accommodate the explosion in Cloud Computing and other data intensive innovations on the way, such as the Internet of Things. “Data is growing at 45% per annum, and according to IBM, 90 %of all data ever produced occurred in the last two years,” he said.

The value of using a data centre rather than storing it in at office premises was also discussed, along with the growing threat of cyber crime. “Security is a big concern for businesses. You can look after it yourself or use a professional - a data centre. It’s like using a bank or keeping your money under the mattress,” said Nick.

Listen to the interview here: (Starting at 17:20)