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Navigating data centres in today’s ‘full-on’ Digital Economy

By Simon Bearne 24 | June | 2019

NGD eBook Guide, as featured by Business Reporter on Telegraph online, available for FREE download.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly hard-pressed to make the right moves when it comes to effective data centre evaluation and selection. For many in today’s super-charged, hyper-connected Digital Economy, it’s becoming just too big an issue to leave solely in the hands of the IT guys or cloud providers.

And rightly so as these days your future competitive edge and ability to grow has much to do with the shape your IT and data centre are in. While a modern data centre is clearly crucial for securely storing company files, data and compliance, it also runs the IT for processing the data for paying suppliers and personnel, managing sales and customer relationships, powering your ecommerce and web presence…and much more.

Get it right and there are many benefits; getting it wrong risks loss of sales and market opportunities, rising overheads, lost productivity, and worse.

With so much at stake, NGD is collaborating as we speak with Business Reporter and the Telegraph online in a major campaign about the challenges and opportunities presented by the Digital Economy. Apart from publishing a feature article highlighting the key issues and challenges that the Digital Economy presents to businesses, large and small, NGD has gone a step further:

  • A no-nonsense guide offering practical guidance on the criteria now necessary for navigating IT and non-IT executives through the data centre jungle

While all data centres may appear pretty much alike on the surface there are notable differences below the waterline. And there are also subtle nuances which need careful consideration, something a typical checklist just can’t address effectively in terms of black and white.

That’s why NGD’s A Guide to choosing Data Centres fit for the Digital Economy is for the real-world, clearly and concisely explaining the issues at hand, providing financial scenarios when weighing up the costs of data centre ownership versus outsourcing, and debunking common myths along the way - not least why many businesses are now candidates for colocation, and how being in the cloud is no guarantee of immunity to unplanned downtime and business disruption. The final section on procurement advice is a gem, equipping potential buyers with the thought processes required when assessing a potential provider’s data centre facility.    

Download our Guide for the questions your business should be asking, no matter if you’re considering your first colocation data centre, making your next move, heading for the cloud...or debating what to keep on the premises and what to outsource.

A Guide to Choosing Data Centres fit for the Digital Economy provides the critical insight you need for ensuring you have the right data centre behind your business for keeping you ahead.

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