Microsoft Partners

NGD has worked hard to develop services to support Microsoft partners in delivering cloud services for their customers. These include:

  1. NGD Cloud Gateway
  2. NGD Connect
  3. NGD Hybrid Cloud
  4. NGD Data Centre Services

NGD Cloud Gateway facilitates access into Microsoft Azure through ExpressRoute. Our Cloud Gateway service delivers secure, private, layer 2 circuits into ExpressRoute for Azure Public, Azure Private and Microsoft peering services. Circuits from 100Mb to 10Gb can be set up with low latency and consistent network performance.

NGD Connect allows partners to connect to NGD at Telehouse North and Telehouse West and route into the Cloud Gateway platform in Newport.  Services range from 100Mb to 10Gb on 1Gb and 10Gb ports, are fast to set up and run over Level 3’s world class network .

NGD Hybrid Cloud is a demonstration area where partners will be able to set up previews of Azure Stack and Azure working seamlessly together over the NGD Cloud Gateway service.  Customers will be able experience private and hybrid cloud integrated solutions and see it working in a real world environment.

NGD Data Centre Services delivers world class hosting and colocation for Microsoft partners. NGD’s tier 3 infrastructure we have built the best colocation and hosting service in the market at highly competitive prices. With a full 24 x 7 remote hands service we can support your IT infrastructure for Private Cloud and Legacy implementations.

Large enterprises, SI’s and service providers have chosen NGD knowing that with future access to practically unlimited space, they’ve made the safe, future-proof choice. NGD is Europe’s largest Data Centre campus, approaching one million square feet and capacity for 20,000 racks. Any requirement from co-lo or caged, custom built private halls through to entire floors or data centres can be accommodated. No other Data Centre in the UK market can match this.

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