Flexible Cloud Provider, System Integrators Data Centre, Digital Business


Cloud Providers

Cloud service providers rightly demand their suppliers support their high intensity platforms without interruption. High urban location costs, inefficient power and security all reduce their competitive advantage.

At NGD even heavily converged platforms are superbly supported. We provide space, power, cooling, fire suppression and security while the Cloud provider focuses on control of the hardware and software.

Excellent connectivity is non-negotiable, so NGD is served by multiple Tier 1 providers. Customers can also contract directly with their chosen provider using our on site Cloud Gateway. Minimal network latency is perfectly served, NGD being just over a millisecond from London in terms of application delivery.

System Integrators

NGD has been working with System Integrators from the start. Today IBM, INFOSYS and WIPRO are amongst those who have invested heavily into NGD’s highly flexible model, attracted by the ability to build new data halls quickly with in-depth tours, technical Q&A and proposal support available.

They can locate their own staff at NGD, secure in the knowledge that near unlimited space and power make it safe to invest in the partnership, free of the danger of competitive overlap.

We are confident that NGD is simply the best Data Centre company for SI’s to work with.

Service Providers

Service Providers have traditionally built Data Centres for their own use as well as their customers’. Ageing infrastructures and the demands and complexity of Cloud based delivery now pose challenges, with location advantages less of an issue.

NGD is Europe’s leader in the design of specific environments for Service Providers, employing only the best technology available within market-leading timescales, typically 14 weeks for a 150 rack hall. Unrivalled space and power allows for future expansion and the ever higher power densities of new technologies in excess of 40kW/rack. NGD’s unrivalled campus space makes project logistics straightforward, with the ability for Service Providers’ own IT teams to be based out of their own secure on-site offices.

Digital Business

Agile IT and data centre infrastructure must keep pace with demand in today’s digital economies.

NGD supports digital businesses in need of innovative environments, often with high power and cooling requirements. Future capacity, of space and power, is imperative for future growth. NGD’s flexible data centre solutions allow for expansion and require minimal upfront capital - particularly important for a fast growing organisation.

Enterprise and Public Sector

Reconciling new opportunities offered by Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data and IOT can be a real challenge for busy CIOs. The same attractions that have brought top tier SI’s and Public Cloud providers to NGD also apply to enterprises and public sector organisations looking to optimise their use of in-house, third party and Cloud hosting assets.

Enterprises will find the large wholesale halls or highly secure colocation solutions they need at NGD, as well as full PCI accreditation, multiple low cost and diverse connectivity options and a low PUE thanks to the latest cooling technologies. Vast improvements in latency and the falling costs of fibre make it viable for Finance and Public Sector organisations to take advantage of NGD’s secure environment. NGD works closely with enterprise IT teams offering assistance across installation, build and capacity planning as well as in-life operations, inspections and connectivity upgrades.

Health Trusts, Government Departments and other public sector organisations trust NGD with their data and services. Our connections into the PSBA, N3 and PSN allow the adoption of shared services and public, private and hybrid Cloud as well as colocation. NGD has already delivered in excess of 40kW to individual racks, delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, NGD is familiar with Government security standards, with all staff cleared to basic and a large number approved to higher security classifications.

Channel Partners

At NGD we understand the valuable role that channel partners play as their customers’ trusted advisors. NGD seeks to bring its vast experience to support and complement channel partners in their need to nurture trust, differentiate and develop profitable new areas of business.

As Europe’s largest data centre, we offer incredible economies of scale, as well as flexible solutions starting with ¼ racks, growing to full racks including power and connectivity. There are inclusive or metered powered options on full racks and Remote Hands service available 24/7. Connectivity is available through the numerous providers on site at NGD and guided campus tours and excellent business and presentation facilities are always on offer.