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Home of the Cloud – The Sunday Telegraph/BusinessTechnology

By devstars 25 | October | 2013


The excitement generated by the scalability and flexibility of cloud services sometimes obscures the more mundane fact that they are only as good as the data centres that support them.

South Wales-based data centre operator NGD is under no illusions about the potential fragility of the cloud. The company has invested millions in building the biggest and most secure data centre in Europe for powering cloud, web and data-hosting services on behalf of all types of organisations – day in, day out.

But, unlike most other data centres in the UK, its giant facility, NGD Europe, is well away from London and the South East. Such a move has served to enhance its formidable security credentials while also allowing customers much lower pricing and access to plenty of reliable power. And, in NGD’s case, all power is sourced from renewable energy.

Already home to some large companies providing hosting services – BT, IBM and Wipro included – NGD is also fast becoming a haven for smaller IT providers who are keen to offer their own cloud services as quickly, reliably and competitively as possible. The vast 750,000 square-foot building provides the space and flexibility to allow customers to house either a few or hundreds of the server racks necessary to power cloud services.

As far as bandwidth is concerned, there is a wide choice of high-speed communication links available for seamlessly connecting users over any distance. And with business continuity in mind, when even the briefest downtime presents potential headaches for service delivery, NGD has more than enough resilience in place. But, just to be sure, the Tier 3+ category facility is underpinned by a massive 180MVA power supply that is directly connected to the National Grid.

With facilities such as these it’s perhaps not surprising NGD is becoming known as the home of the cloud.

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