Green in all senses of the word , NGD

Green in all senses of the word

By Steve Davis 18 | July | 2016

A recent survey by the Green Grid leads NGD’s Steve Davis to ponder if some CIOs are Green enough when it comes to convincing Boardrooms about data centre energy efficiency     

According to a new survey by The Green Grid among IT decision makers not enough discussions are happening in the boardroom when it comes to making data centres green, leading to difficulties in reducing future costs of data centre operation. Furthermore, the global energy efficiency consortium says this is despite data centres being one of the largest resource drains for an organisation.

The underlying reason appears to be uncertainty by Facilities and IT professionals on how best they can gather and deliver compelling evidence at board level so senior executives then engage properly on the financial and CSR issues at stake. If they have this then they say top brass are more likely to listen and follow through with effective decisions.

With this in mind almost all of the survey respondents agreed that monitoring within data centres could be improved to increase energy efficiency and give the board the stats they demand.

If this survey is to be believed the lack of knowledge among IT professionals on the importance of data centre monitoring and analysis is extremely surprising. After all, it is 2016. Here we are with a raft of data centre DCIM monitoring solutions available for this very purpose and have been available for several years. Are we really supposed to believe there are still large swathes of FM and IT people still scratching their heads when it comes to such energy and monitoring matters?

My other observation from the survey is that a key driver behind the colocation data centre market’s ascendancy during the past decade is the cost and efficiency benefits of buying rather than building your own data centres. The majority of those colo facilities built in the last few years, such as NGD, sport increasingly sophisticated energy management systems for the very purpose of collecting actionable data which operators rely on for justifying energy bills to customers as well as proving PUE and carbon efficiency credentials.

So, for any CIOs still out there in a dilemma on how best to get data centre cost and efficiency concerns heard in the boardroom, try presenting the overall business case and benefits for going colo rather than sticking with the DIY approach. Pretty soon even the most IT illiterate of CEOs and CFOs will get the picture and take action.