Don’t turn your back on your data , NGD

Don’t turn your back on your data

By Steve Davis 17 | September | 2015


Steve Davis on the moral to the tale about the bank, the insurance company…and the stolen data files

Data is a fickle beast – just as you think you’ve got it covered it comes back to bite you! You can never relax.

Take last week, for example. While one well-known insurance firm revealed a report berating business owners for not safeguarding themselves against cyber attack and failing to take out sufficient cyber insurance cover, another leading insurer was found to have lost a portable data storage device containing thousands of customer files belonging to a major bank.

It was always going to be risky keeping or transporting sensitive data on a portable device and it’s not the first time this kind of data loss or theft incident has happened and no doubt won’t be the last. After all, if a bank and an insurance company aren’t able to look after their data, who or where is?

But it’s not as though there aren’t alternatives these days for storing and transferring your data to prevent you having to carry it around with you. How about using secure networks connected to servers in high security data centres, for instance?

For me physical and digital security should go hand in hand.  From prison grade perimeter fencing, security guards, CCTV, infra-red detection and lockable rack cabinets, to the latest most sophisticated anti-malware and virus software available. Clearly, even the largest organisations cannot consistently expect to attain such rigorous levels of security all on their own and it’s certainly out of reach for most small and medium size firms to attempt it. Sheer cost and keeping up with the ever changing technology landscape see to that.

This is precisely why modern colocation data centres like NGD have been in the ascendancy for several years now. Organisations, of all sizes, choose to use them for one primary reason – to keep their data safe and continuously available.

At NGD’s purpose built data centre facility we have ensured multiple levels of physical and digital security are in place to deter and prevent all perpetrators, from the opportunist hoping to walk in and ‘lift’ a computer server, storage device or whatever, through to the highly organised and systematic cyber terrorist variety. Peace of mind is both available and affordable for all, from those customers requiring just a quarter or half rack up to others looking to run hundreds of racks.

While there’s an irony to last week’s revelations there’s also a clear moral to this story. Data should be kept out of harm’s way at all times and never be let out of sight. Prevention is always going to be better than cure. Sure, data loss insurance cover is a further line of defence but somewhat after the fact when considering the damage and chaos that will have already occurred.