Demand for data centre space puts NGD on Cloud 9

Demand for data centre space puts NGD on Cloud 9

By NGD 15 | November | 2016

Leading cloud provider and a US bank order three data halls totalling 5MW           

Cardiff Capital Region – 15 November 2016: Next Generation Data (NGD) today announced the build out of three further large custom data halls at its mega data centre facility near Cardiff. More than 150 local contractors are currently on site and will complete all three halls before Christmas.

Two of these, at 2MW each, have been commissioned by a major global public cloud software provider which took possession of its initial 2MW, £10M hall at the end of last year. The third 1MW hall under construction is for a large US bank.

With 22 large data halls now sold NGD has filled almost 40% of the available capacity of the 750,000 square feet south Wales facility. Continuing strong demand from the UK and overseas including several further halls due for delivery in early 2017 means expansion onto the first floor is now imminent.

“Strong demand from large enterprises and cloud providers for outsource data centre space, power and connectivity ensures 2016 will be another record sales year for NGD and our 2017 pipeline is already looking very busy,” said Simon Taylor, Chairman, NGD.

Added Simon Taylor: “Significant growth in cloud - increasingly hybrid - and high performance computing (HPC) environments is at the heart of why many organisations are switching from using their own data centres to the comparatively few very large modern colocation facilities like ours. We have the economies of scale and power available to meet their high density needs much more cost-effectively than they can achieve in-house or by using smaller colo operations. We are also seeing growing interest from Far East customers.”

NGD’s multimillion pound data centre campus was opened seven years ago. Earlier this year the company secured significant funding from Infravia Capital Partners to accelerate expansion.