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By Nick Razey 17 | February | 2014

NGD shines through

Europe’s largest data centre delivers 40kW per rack to future-proof customer high density cloud environments and chosen to host IBM’s most powerful servers.

NGD is provisioning a massive 40kW to rack for servers at its NGD Europe carrier-neutral mega-data centre. This represents more than a tenfold increase compared to industry norms and will ensure cloud service provider customers have access to highly scalable, future-proofed data centre environments.
NGD also announced that an extensive procurement procedure has resulted in the company being selected to host an array of the latest IBM® Power® 795 servers. NGD is one of the few data centres in the UK capable of accommodating IBM’s most powerful high density server solutions which are liquid cooled and designed to draw up to 30 kW rack each.

“We are extremely pleased to be recognised as having the calibre of facilities and technical expertise required in this area of enterprise high density computing. This builds on our track record of hosting, for example, the IBM System x® iDataPlex® infrastructure,” said Nick Razey, CEO, Next Generation Data.

“With such hardware, abundant power, diverse cooling, high speed connectivity and onsite engineering expertise at their disposal, NGD customers are assured of the most resilient high performance data centre environments for enabling optimised cloud computing solutions,” added Nick Razey.
NGD is experiencing rapid expansion in the number of cloud services being provided from its giant tier 3 data centre in South Wales. NGD Europe is now firmly established as the data centre behind multiple cloud services including those provided by leading service providers such as IBM, CGI, Wipro, UNIT4 and Certus TG.

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