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Changing Gear

By Steve Davis 18 | February | 2016

NGD’s blossoming relationship with distribution partner The Change Organisation takes resellers to the next level

Anticipating and adapting to change are critical in business, none more so than in the fast moving IT industry. Over the past few years the aptly named The Change Organisation has been under no illusions about keeping ahead of the game.  Last year the Kent-based distributor traded with over 1000 resellers in the UK and across Europe.

“We’ve always been adept at spotting new technology trends and how they might impact on us, our customers and their customers,” attests their Sales Manager Matt Shinebourne. “For example, the server virtualisation revolution of a decade ago meant we needed to start supplying and supporting our resellers with higher specification, more powerful servers and storage systems. Now resellers must step up to meet and profit from the latest demands of SMEs and larger corporations who are looking for cloud-based and ‘as- a-service’ applications hosted from secure third party data centres. Users no longer want exclusively on-premise solutions for doing absolutely everything – those days are gone.”

It was this latest trend which led The Change Organisation to partner with NGD last year as their data centre services provider. “Our traditional reseller customer base means no matter whether they have customers requiring Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster as a Service, or Private/Hybrid Cloud hosting, we must be able to respond and help them with the delivery of fit-for-purpose data centre facilities.”

Fortunately for The Change they have found an ideal data centre partner in NGD, not only because of the Tier 3 facility’s vast amount of low-cost space and power, but also due to the quality of on-site engineering and sales support available should resellers need it. “We have developed our own remote hands and feet service which eases resellers into a colocation environment with the minimum of hassle and risk. The servers can either be pre-configured and delivered to site or delivered to site and then configured in one of the dedicated rooms within the facility. Qualified NGD personnel are available to assist with the final rack installation and check the remote diagnostics are all in place. It’s actually feasible for a reseller to not actually physically go on-site though of course they are welcome to as and when necessary.”

The Change are confident that this will be a long term and successful partnership with NGD, helping them cater for a wide range of requirements on behalf of their customers from the first steps into colocation and IaaS with the highly price-competitive quarter and half rack NGD Data Cube solutions, to providing a secure second site disaster recovery facility. Even those requiring dedicated private data centre suites and halls rather than going to the expense of building their own.

“NGD really does tick all the boxes for us and seeing it in the flesh is the best way for resellers and their customers to experience it,” adds Matt. “We have been pleased with the positive feedback from those who have already taken an NGD site tour and would thoroughly recommend others to follow suit.”

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