Super Connected

Carriers and communications providers can easily justify connecting to NGD. Thousands of individual fibres (including dark fibres to ensure we can accommodate any connectivity requirement) have been installed through multiple entry points into an expanding array of meet-me rooms. This means NGD is truly carrier agnostic, with full representation from the leading UK carriers.


Off campus, fully diverse routing follows both River Severn crossings, the Severn tunnel and other routes. Internationally, NGD is on-net with specialist providers including direct linkage to transatlantic landing stations.

Dark fibre is available from several specialist providers, and additional fibre routes are continuously being added and are commercially available.

NGD houses a BT Wholesale Optical node (part of BT’s 21CN next-generation infrastructure) offering 10GE, nx10GE, 40GE and 100GE point-to-point connectivity. NGD Cloud Gateway also facilitates direct access into leading public Cloud providers including Microsoft ExpressRoute, NGD Connect provides pre-installed links to virtual meet-me rooms in London.