Super Secure

NGD’s high security data centre deploys a 6-layer wall design and general construction to Californian earthquake resistance standards. Front aspects are protected by 10-ton granite blocks. The campus perimeter is ringed with military grade fencing, digital tripwires and multiple IR CCTV towers with diverse power and connectivity feeds. Traffic management systems control entrance and exit supported by double airlock gates. Data centre security teams continuously patrol the campus. The choice of location is non-urban with low crime rates.


NGD’s extreme physical data centre security is matched by its site procedures, staff screening and each customer’s individual threat appraisals. Biometrics, interlocks, tube stars and CCTV, covert if required, are consistent with published UK government standards. Simply put, our world class customers would not have committed to NGD without the most exacting world class security standards.


NGD’s customers demand the highest levels of hosting security. To complement the overall site regime, NGD can provide custom fitments to each customer’s bespoke specifications to reach their specific digital security or hosting security requirement. The NGD data centre has been accredited to IL3 and above.