NGD: All Aboard! Faster, more frequent trains are good news for business

All aboard! Faster, more frequent trains are good news for business

By Steve Davis 25 | March | 2015

Next Generation Data (NGD) welcomes the latest news that journey times from London to Bristol, South Wales, Devon and Cornwall will be reduced following the £7.5bn expansion of the Great Western rail franchise, announced in Chancellor George Osborne's 2015 Budget. Services between London and Bristol are also expected to increase by 70 per cent with 9,000 additional seats per day by the end of 2018.

This is all very good news for businesses in London across to South Wales and throughout South West England in terms of greater accessibility, productivity and convenience. For NGD, with our major data centre facility being located between Bristol and Cardiff, faster journeys and more frequent trains means we will be even closer to enterprise customers located along the M4 Corridor and London, as well as being on the spot for locally based businesses here in South Wales and the South West.
One and all can enjoy the benefits of using a large modern data centre like NGD. Being well outside of the metropolis we can offer much more competitive pricing to London data centres thanks to lower cost real estate, not to mention greater natural security from our semi-rural location plus an abundant and more reliable power supply.
But out of town doesn’t mean out of touch for our customers. NGD’s wide choice of carrier-neutral high speed low latency network links will always ensure blink-of-an-eye nationwide and international communications coverage.