A solution for every challenge.


Whether you need one rack or 1000, NGD has a high-quality, cost-effective solution for you. Our Colocation packages are typically offered by a range of accredited channels, but for larger requirements, NGD can supply you with a dedicated suite or cage directly.

Our Data Halls range from 30 racks to 600, and come with shared or dedicated mechanical and electrical infrastructure. A selection of cooling options is available too, with PUEs as low as 1.2.


We create bespoke environments


In addition, we create bespoke environments for High Density (up to 60 kW per rack) and High Security requirements.

The economies of scale possible within the Data Centre business mean that consolidation projects are also increasingly popular. And by working with experienced partners, NGD is able to provide a low-risk migration service.

Tier 3 Colocation solutions

While Colocation has traditionally been a market for "server huggers", it's now worth looking further afield. With connectivity costs so low, and remote management the norm, it no longer makes sense to go for expensive Data Centres on your doorstep.

On the back of its world-class wholesale data centre environments, NGD offers Tier 3 Colocation solutions from upwards of one rack, and can support all computer requirements up to 60kW per rack. Smaller deployments are usually made via our network of channel partners.

ngd-colocation All NGD Colocation environments are Tier 3. This means we never have planned maintenance outages.

World-class support and SLA-backed reliability

But for larger requirements, where a stand-alone Data Hall isn't appropriate, NGD can offer caged suites within a shared Colocation Hall. With this solution, protection of highly sensitive environments can still be guaranteed, and all levels of security are catered for.

At NGD we're flexible and transparent, and will work with you to design a service that meets the needs of both you and your customers. Our experts are on hand to help 24/7, and our smallest customers will enjoy the same world-class support and SLA-backed reliability as our largest. What's more, our prices are up to 50% lower than Docklands locations.


Our building. Your data centre.

Most CIOs would like to own the Data Centre, but are put off by the huge capital investment involved. Indeed, organisations often need to grow into their rackspace, and can't immediately justify the size of Data Hall that would offer the best economies of scale.

NGD is able to build you a bespoke, cost-effective Data Centre with dedicated mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Whatever your specific technology need - high density, cloud or plain vanilla - NGD will work with you to develop a quality solution delivered to your time-scales.


Our building. Your data centre.

Data Halls vary from 30 to 600 racks, and can be designed with a variety of cooling options and associated PUEs. What's more, supporting facilities such as on-site offices, meeting rooms and car parking mean that it really will be your Data Centre.

With zero upfront cost, your capex will become opex. Better still, you'll benefit from our existing economies of scale whatever the size of your Data Hall. And as NGD has no branding aspirations, your customers will only see your facility with your identity. It's the best of all worlds.


Power unlimited.

Over the last five years, Blade Servers and virtualisation have eased the constraints on Data Centre space. But with rack densities rising to 12kW and above, these space savings are irrelevant if the Data Centre is limited to 2kW per footprint.

With its almost unlimited power, NGD specialises in high-density deployments and can design solutions up to 60kW per rack. Our standard downflow cooling is specified at an average 4kW per rack, but is designed to cater for up to 14kW.


Power unlimited.

For greater densities, we deploy in-row cooling or chilled water racks. Management of high-density racks is critical. Most cooling systems are not UPS-backed, relying on buffer vessels to maintain a level of cooling until generators can take over. And with high-density racks, it's essential that this happens as quickly as possible to prevent massive overheating. That's why NGD has installed a unique Energy Management System, which automatically controls the mechanical and electrical systems to bring air conditioning fully back online within 60 seconds.


Moving made easy.

Are you trapped at a data centre location that's no longer fit for purpose? Moving is the answer, but the process appears so complex and daunting that many CIOs choose to do nothing.

But migration need not be a problem. At NGD we're regularly approached by clients seeking a more focused and higher quality solution, typically due to power outages at an ageing existing facility, space constraints or the need to upgrade expensive mechanical or electrical infrastructure.


Forklift services. Hardware installation services.


In addition to this we also provide forklift services for larger loads.


Once your equipment is offloaded we can provide positioning and Hardware installation services if required.

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