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NGD has a highly experienced channel team and prides itself on being easy to work with. With a unique channel programme that includes sales and engineering accreditation initiatives as well as strong marketing support, we'll be on hand throughout the sales process to help you deliver the perfect solution to your customer. That in turn will enable you to build a sound, profitable business around the highly prestigious NGD facility.

Help with open days, tours and sales campaigns.


We offer a range of solutions that are ideal for channel partners to sell, and are also very much open to new business opportunities. Plus if you're new to this sector of the market, we can advise you in developing a business plan. In addition, we're happy to help our partners in organising open days, tours of the facility and sales campaigns.

We fully understand that our success is built on that of our channel partners - which is why we work so closely with you. So if you're selling Colocation, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or managed services, we're the best channel partner in the business.

A world-class team.

NGD has developed long-term relationships with an elite few of the world's leading technology companies - organisations which share our vision of providing a first-class service based on trust and operational excellence.

NGD provides one key part of the evolving IT stack - the data centre solution - and sees itself as a technology provider rather than just the operator of a simple facility. From the bottom up, NGD is committed to quality - which means our data centres will never let you down.


The home of the cloud


Cloud is the biggest opportunity in IT for many years, and new providers are emerging every day. But in this increasingly competitive sector, only the most secure and reliable services will survive.


Expand your cloud business

As a wholesale supplier of data centre white space, NGD is focused on providing the perfect foundations for you to develop your cloud business. To grow, cloud technology demands high-density racks, excellent connectivity, security and flexibility - and NGD can provide all this plus a 24/7 support team to manage the logistics.

What's more, with supporting services ranging from goods inwards and secure storage to rack and stack and cabling, your cloud platform will grow without you ever having to leave Head Office.

Whether you're launching or seeking to expand your cloud business, NGD is its ideal home.


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