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Set on an attractive 120-acre business park with a 750,000sq ft main building, NGD Europe is the continent's largest Data Centre campus.

A truly iconic, fortress-style structure, it's ideally situated close to the M4 corridor, well away from flood plains and flightpaths.

And for added peace of mind, the site is further protected by a 4-metre security fence and 5-tonne ramraid boulders.

Uniquely, it also enjoys its own private connection to the National SuperGrid, which delivers up to 90MW of reliable, low-cost power generated from 100% renewable sources.

Full logistical support is provided too, including car parks, loading bays, meeting rooms, office space and secure storage.


Top 10 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us?



Low-Risk Location.

NGD is located on the UK's high-tech corridor, just off the M4 motorway between Cardiff and Newport. The site is strategic and low risk, and has been developed to comply with the highest security standards. What's more, the facility has an unrivalled power supply and connectivity options.



Highly secure out-of-town facility

Bearing in mind the atrocities of 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London, plus the many prevalent environmental and manmade risks, we believe that great care must be taken when choosing a data centre location. Although there's still a need for low latency data centres within inner cities, it's clear that 90% of general data can be kept in highly secure out-of-town facilities at much lower cost.


All the help you need.


Our aim is to provide such a comprehensive range of support services that you don't even need to visit the Data Centre. What's more, our highly trained and professional service desk staff are available 24/7.

NGD will migrate your racks and equipment, install it, cable it, commission it and provide remote hands to manage and maintain it. Plus we can offer meeting rooms and office space, host customer visits, arrange tours and help with capacity planning.


Help with RFP responses for new business

Advice on high-density rack deployments, enhanced security solutions and Data Centre design is also available, as well as assistance with RFP responses for new business.

In addition, we offer a range of products such as racks, cables, power poles, servers and switches at market leading prices, and can deliver completed solutions within 24 hours of order acceptance.


Clean, Green and Always On.

NGD has a unique power supply. We've eliminated the typical electricity distribution network, which transforms it from 400kV down to 11kV, and enjoy a direct, private connection to the SuperGrid offering up to 90MW of power.

As the cables and transformers are privately owned, we can guarantee a clean supply, free of spikes and surges from sharing with other users. And since we don't have to pay someone to bring electricity to our front door, our power costs 10-15% less.


100% renewable power

What's more, our private connection means we're not affected by power outages that occur in the distribution network, which in the UK account for 97% of all problems. Plus, for further peace of mind, our Data Centre's mechanical and electrical designs provide genuine Tier 3 resilience.

Best of all, our power is green. In fact, NGD was the first data centre company in the UK to use 100% renewable power. It's all sourced from Smartest Energy, an aggregator of wind and tidal energy.


A Global Gateway.


The economics of connectivity are transforming the Data Centre world. While data traffic is growing at a heady 30% per year, connectivity costs have fallen far faster. So whereas it once made sense for Data Centres to cluster in Docklands to minimise these expenses, today other factors rule.


Tier 1 connectivity options

NGD offers various Tier 1 connectivity options including BT, C&W, Virgin Media, Level 3, Geo, Neos and Surf Telecom, with the latter network directly connecting to 12 transatlantic submarine cables. Services include IP Transit, point to point fibre, MPLS and Long Range Ethernet.


The future-proof data centre.



Despite the undoubted space saving virtualisation delivers, your Data Centre requirements will nevertheless quickly increase. Offering 750,000sq ft of space and, more crucially, 90MW of power, NGD can easily meet your growing needs over the next five, ten or even fifteen years.


High-quality white space available

With a modular build programme and short lead times, NGD will always have state-of-the-art, high-quality white space available under the same roof. So, safe in this knowledge, you can contract just for the rack footprints you need right now. It's a solution that's cost-effective today, and future-proofed for tomorrow.


Nowhere Safer.


Data is now your most valuable business asset. And securing it is not only vital for your business - it's also increasingly becoming a legal and regulatory obligation.

NGD adopts a multi-layered approach to security, based on published government standards for the protection of key assets. This includes 1.4km of high-grade security fencing, internal and external CCTV, digital tripwires, reinforced concrete walls and double airlock gates.


Bespoke CCTV solutions

We also employ our own guard force, all of whom are SIA certified.

Further security enhancements can be integrated to suit your needs, such as biometrics, interlocks, upgraded mechanical locks and tube star doors.

We can also design and install CCTV solutions, from room-based to rack or even covert if required, and provide management in line with the appropriate instruction.


Business Continuity.

Many customers need a second facility to provide back-up for their Data Centre. This may be for "synchronous" applications, which typically demand two sites no more than 100 fibre km apart, or more often asynchronous applications, for which there is no maximum seperation.

NGD can offer a solution for both situations. For synchronous requirements of 30 racks or less, we work with a partner company whose Data Centre is within 30km.

For larger requirements, we have a second site in Bristol where we can build out dedicated Data Halls within 14 weeks.


For the more common asynchronous applications, there are many back-up options which can be contracted directly or through NGD's partnering arrangements. A further alternative is a cloud-based back-up solution, such as the IBM SMartCloud Virtualised Server Recovery, which again we can introduce you to via our partners.

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