Data Centre Consolidation by Global Telecoms Company, NGD

Data Centre Consolidation by Global Telecoms Company

By Steve Davis 02 | September | 2016

Major Data Centre Consolidation required:

  • NGD Custom Data Hall Design & Build
  • NGD Migration Services  


During the first half of 2015 NGD undertook a major custom data hall build and server migration project on behalf of a global telecoms equipment manufacturer. This followed their decision to relocate three existing UK data centre locations used for product design, test and development activities on behalf of major customers.

Based in Maidenhead, Swindon and Newport (Wales) the data centres had contained a wide range of server rack systems of varying power densities but it was decided greater economies of scale and cost savings would be achieved by consolidating all operations under one roof.

Following a competitive tender NGD’s 750,000 sq ft mega data centre facility was selected. Based in the Cardiff Capital Region and conveniently located to major nationwide transport links, NGD was found to offer the most cost-effective space, power and room for future expansion. In addition, the company could deliver a range of professional services for meeting specific data hall design and migration requirements.



Project Requirements:

  • Provide a ‘one-stop shop’ totally managed design, build and server migration service
  • Delivery of private data hall with built-in expansion flexibility to eventually accommodate 200 racks including high density equipment
  • To include integral Engineering and Demonstration rooms for personnel and their customers
  • Guaranteed abundant power and ability to provide a mix of power sources: DC, Raw Mains AC, UPS backed AC
  • Server migration project management and rack installation expertise
  • Provide on-site engineering support



Design and Build Phase

Following the customer’s acceptance of NGD’s tender, based on its ability to meet all project requirements while also offering the most cost-effective solution, NGD commenced the design and build out of the custom hall. This would initially house 120 racks of various densities but would eventually accommodate a future planned expansion to 200 racks. In order to meet this requirement a moveable cage wall was designed and installed with the ability to expand in 20 rack increments.

Another key part of the hall’s design was the provision of control and demonstration room facilities adjacent to the data hall.

The entire design and build phase was completed ahead of schedule in just 15 weeks, and within budget.



Rack Migration Phase

With no previous experience or capability to migrate their existing servers, the customer relied entirely on NGD’s Professional Services team.  The ‘Lift and Shift’ phase of the project entailed the de-installation of the customer’s existing 120 server racks and other IT equipment at their three data centre locations; transportation to the new hall at NGD; and rack re-installation, configuration and testing.

The rack migration, installation and testing proceeded smoothly and was completed in 10 weeks, enabling the new hall to be fully operational from June 2015. Since this time NGD has provided ‘remote hands’ engineering support on a ‘needs be’ basis, minimising the need for the customer’s in-house technical personnel to make direct site visits.

“We are very pleased to have successfully completed this largescale consolidation project ahead of time and within budget. Whilst NGD is well known for operating one of Europe’s largest and most secure data centres with private and shared hall facilities, this particular project also highlights the depth of our professional services expertise when it comes to hall design, server migration and on-site engineering. Having made the decision to consolidate their data centre estate to NGD the customer was able to hand over to us with total peace of mind.”   Brian Popperwell, Chief Operating Officer, NGD


Customer Business Benefits

  • Significant reduction in data centre real estate costs
  • Developers no longer need to be physically based next to their equipment
  • More cost-effective to use NGD than build and maintain their own data centre
  • Reallocation of expensive office space for accommodating people - not IT equipment


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